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Alexander VOutdoors Coach – Sweden

“Wearing nose filters has changed the way I live! I have always suffered from Hayfever but been unable to take any mediation due to my profession. I now feel my so much more comfortable in nature during the Spring and Summer months and feel much freer and confident to coach.”

Savannah JDesigner – Munich

“My husband no longer snores at night while wearing the O2 Nose Filters. Not only does he sleep better but so do I!”

Jacob WChief Banker – Shanghai

“After wearing the O2 Nose Filters for eight hours in the city they are a dark grey. I can see they work and feel my breathing in the evening is considerably lighter than before I started to use them a few months ago.”

Marianne VMother – London

“I have my kids wearing the filters as I take them for long strolls in the city and city parks. My son has stopped wheezing now most evenings. For my little girl I feel good knowing it's precautionary. Thank you!”