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o2 Nose Filters

O2 Nose Filters are a nasal dilator paired with advanced 3M filtration technology. The innovative electrostatically charged filters capture 90% of harmful airborne particles at PM10 and 65% at PM2.5.

There Are Harmful Particles In The Air We Breathe

City Life

Exhaust, Pollution, & Dust


Contaminated Air On Airplanes, Buses, & Trains

Cold & Flu

Bacteria & Other Pathogens


Pollen, Spores, & Pet Dander

Providing a more discreet form of protection against dirty air than the large masks.
This is the latest weapon in the war against city pollution — air filters so small they can be worn inside a commuter’s nostrils.
‘Invisible’ air filter that you stick up your nose blocks 90% of pollution particles, allergens and bacteria. It could help tackle the effects of pollution crisis that plagues modern cities.

Available In 4 Sizes