Micro Nose Filters For Cleaner, Safer Air Wherever You Go.


o2 Nose Filters

Made with innovative 3M filtration technology, O2 nose filters provide cleaner, safer air with  protection from airborne pollution, allergens, bacteria, and more.


There Are Harmful Particles In The Air We Breathe

Protect yourself in these environments with O2 Nose Filters.


Providing a more discreet form of protection against dirty air than the large masks.
This is the latest weapon in the war against city pollution — air filters so small they can be worn inside a commuter’s nostrils.
‘Invisible’ air filter that you stick up your nose blocks 90% of pollution particles, allergens and bacteria. It could help tackle the effects of pollution crisis that plagues modern cities.
Up to 99% effective protection against pollution, allergens, viruses and other airborne particles

The Product
Innovative 3M Electrostatic Technology captures pollutants PM2.5 and smaller.

The Science
Lightweight, discreet, and comfortable – intended for wear up to 12 hours

The Design

Available In 4 Sizes