For Cleaner, Safer Air Wherever You Go.

Made with innovative 3M filtration technology, O2 Nose Filters provide cleaner, safer air with  protection from airborne pollution, allergens, bacteria, and more.

O2 Nose Filters feature advanced 3M filtration technology with innovative electrostatically charged filters that capture 90% of harmful airborne particles at PM10 and 65% at PM2.5.

All-Day Protection, In All Environments

From Airborne Pollution, Allergens, Viruses + More
12-Hour Protection

O2 Nose Filters are designed for one-time use for up to 12 hours. The discreet and comfortable design lends to undisturbed, all-day wear and protection.

After a full day of use, or when the filter material is visibly dirty, please recycle with other soft plastics.
Travel Optimized
Our O2 10 Packs and 3 Packs come with a small travel case, so you can always keep a pair or two in your pocket or bag. Wearing O2 while traveling on pubic transportation (above or below ground) will help protect your from breathing in harmful airborne particles like exhaust, pollution, dust, bacteria, viruses, and pathogens – keeping you healthy from Point A to Point B.
PM10 and PM2.5

O2 Nose Filters effectively capture harmful particulates of PM10 and PM2.5 – including but not limited to pollution, pollen, viruses, dust, ash, and some motor vehicle exhausts. Read more specifics here.

How to Stop and Prevent Nosebleeds

How to Stop and Prevent Nosebleeds

Nosebleeds, or medically referred to as Epistaxis, are common and can strike at any moment. While blood trickling out from your nose may...