O2 Nose Filters | 10 Pack

Nasal Dilators with 3M Filtration Technology – Each pack contains 10 Nose Filters.

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INNOVATIVE PROTECTION | O2 Nose Filters are a nasal dilator paired with advanced 3M filtration technology to improve airflow while helping prevent airborne particles such as pollen, pet dander, mold spores, pollution, bacteria, viruses, and dust from entering your nasal passages.

CLEANER AIR, WHEREVER YOU GO | Multiple layers of electrostatic material capture up to 90% of harmful airborne particles at PM10 and 65% at PM2.5. Ideal for everyday use in cities, hospitals and medical facilities, public transportation – anywhere there is something in the air you don’t want to breathe in!

FIND THE SIZE THAT’S RIGHT FOR YOU | Noses come in many sizes, and so do our filters! Our Sizing Pack, containing 1 filter of Small, Medium, Large, and Extra-Large, is a great and economical way to explore your options. Once you have determined the right size for you, the lightweight and discreet filter will contour to the inside of your nose. Larger sizes may provide increased airflow, while smaller may maximize extended wearing comfort.

COMFORTABLE & DISCREET | Made from soft, medical-grade Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), O2 Nose Filters adapt to fit most noses and are comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The clear matte finish makes them nearly invisible for all skin tones. Our filters are discreet and don’t inhibit conversation, so they are great for everyday use in the workplace, industrial areas, public transportation, and outdoors.

EASY TO WEAR | Simply place in the nose with the connecting band down to enjoy cleaner air and easier breathing for up to 12 hours. After a full day of use, or when the filter material is visibly dirty, please recycle with other soft plastics.


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Size Chart



16 reviews for O2 Nose Filters | 10 Pack

  1. Niko

    First, nose filters work. I have quite severe allergy and for me they are the last line of defense. If I start to use them immediately after I feel itching in nose, usually all symptoms disappear in 15 minutes without any drugs. As for this product, I tried three types of nasal filters to this moment and I like those the most. They are soft, I can wear them (and breath) when I sleep all night long, they are not too visible and come with convenient sealing bag.

  2. Alice

    I love these nose filters! I have environmental allergies (smoke, exhaust, etc) and these filters saved me in Hong Kong! At the end of each day, when I removed the filter, the little white filter was a dark gray or charcoal colour…that’s how much I would have normally breathed in! It does take some time to adjust to the feeling of it in your nose & at times I had to readjust it because it shifted (but not too often). I’m definitely going to purchase more.

  3. Summer

    Awesome for spray tans. My husband even uses these at work so that he doesn’t smother under a respirator

  4. Mongo

    I have just worn them a couple of times but I do believe these work. The first set were noticeably dirty from the air. It’s hard to believe that’s what I breath in each day. Fit is comfortable – I ordered medium for an adult male – but it does take a bit of getting used to having little filters up your nose. The little clear connector in between the filters is barely noticeable while you wear them. I have sever allergies and after a couple of days I am feeling much better. Hopefully the trend continues!

  5. Derek

    I don’t know about you but whenever I fly I get a sick person sneezing or coughing behind me. Nobody wants to get sick on vacation. These fit nicely and if you put them in right, don’t stuff them too far up your nose, you hardly notice them. I know that if I breathe thru my nose I am at least somewhat protected by catching a cold when on a plane or busy area. Highly recommend for germophobes like myself. Plus you can still eat or drink. Also, it’s hard for people to notice you have them on.

  6. Steve

    Works great. Fit good

  7. Gareth

    “Seattle’s air quality is terrible in the last two weeks because of all the smoke thrown into the air created by the wild fires. I bought these cause I wanted a discrete option to breathe safely. I didn’t think I was going to like it this much originally since it’s something that goes directly into my nose but at the recommendations of friend and family, I gave it a try.
    I’m pleasantly surprised by the comfort and it absolutely delivers on being discrete. My coworkers barely noticed that I was wearing it when I was standing a few feet away from them.
    A+, would buy it again and I’ll probably wear it more regularly even when I travel internationally.

  8. Frisco

    Perfect. I cannot tell I have on. Filters out smoke smell. Good price and value. Arrived a day early, well packaged.

  9. Amazon Customer

    These are the first comfortable nasal filters that fit me well without being obtrusive. They saved me from NC pollen invasion so I could be outside without getting sick

  10. Amazon Customer

    Sneeze approved!

  11. Lynn

    O2 Nose Filters, how did I live without these? (Miserably, is the answer.)
    Discreet, comfortable, and they work. I have a dust, dust mite, and mold allergy. I have absolute improvement when I use these filters. A game changer!

  12. Donna

    Has made a visible difference in my husband’s “stuffy” nose after a day in the shop. The size is just fine for him, but they have different sizes for those with narrower openings. He is wearing them in conjunction with is “respirator” mask when he is stirring up sawdust, but otherwise he wears them alone whenever in the ship. They are working nicely for him and I’m very happy I found them.

  13. Lily

    I have horrible allergies to dust and cats. Usually I wear a mask to get the vacuuming and dusting done. I tried these and I can’t believe how well they work. Even when I was closed up in a room with a couple of cats, I never got congested or sneezed. They felt a little weird at first, but so worth it.

  14. Andrew

    I have severe allergies and use as many symptom-alleviating techniques as I can. These nasal filters have become a necessity for a good night’s sleep and a comfortable early morning. They are soft enough to conform to the space. The tickle factor can be adjusted. Other filters are rigid and more likely to irritate the inside of my nose.

  15. Tyanne

    I have severe environmental allergies. On top of that I work in a warehouse. I’ve been wearing a mask but I seem to not be able to breathe properly because of the recycled air. I looked online and found these and I absolutely love them! I’ll definitely order again. Highly recommend if you have the same issues! I love how discreet they are.

  16. Frisco

    Perfect. I cannot tell I have them on. Filters out smoke smell. Good price and value.

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