August 2, 2023

Nose Shapes: Detailing 9 Types of Noses

Types of noses

Your nose is one of the prominent, if not the most prominent, features of the face. There are many different types of noses that come in various shapes and sizes, so it’s important to note that there’s no such thing as a “perfect” nose. Nose shapes can be influenced by various factors, such as genetics, locations, life experiences, and much more. While certain personalities are often tied to specific nose types, these general characteristics don’t describe everyone. Below we list 9 of the most common nose types and what personalities are usually tied to them.

Concave Nose

Often considered the perfect nose in modern beauty standards, the Concave nose is mildly hollowed out in the middle and it’s point slightly sticks out forward. People with concave noses are thought to be sensitive individuals with kind souls.

Roman Nose

The Roman nose, which is also known as the Aquiline nose, Convex nose, Hooked nose, or Hawk nose, resembles the nose type seen in several historic Roman sculptures. It’s characterized by a prominent bridge that curves downwards, resembling that of a bird’s beak. The Roman nose type is generally found in people with a bold, strong, and defined profile.

Straight Nose

The Straight nose, also known as the Greek nose, is often seen as a visually pleasing nose type. It’s characterized by a smaller straight bridge with narrow nostrils that’s free of any bumps or curves. This is the most balanced of all nose types and is commonly seen around the world.

Nubian Nose

The Nubian nose, also known as the Broad nose, generally consists of round and flat nostrils with a relatively long bridge and a broad base. Individuals with Nubian noses are seen as lively, optimistic, curious, and open people who look at the positive side of life.

Upturned Nose

The Upturned nose, also known as the Turned-Up nose, is a relatively short nose with a dent in the middle of the bridge and a protruding tip. Individuals with Upturned noses are often direct individuals who are focused on following through with their ideas, however, they are still generally lovely and lively people.

Bulbous Nose

The Bulbous nose, also known as the Nixon nose, or the Big nose, appears prominent on the face and is often flat and round. Individuals with Bulbous noses are generally confident, their own boss, and rarely take orders from others.

Button Nose

The Button nose, also known as the Snub nose, is characterized by it’s rounder shape and upturned tip, which makes the nostrils appear more apparent. Usually seen in petite individuals, those with Button noses are generally affectionate, sweet, and kind people.

Fleshy Nose

The Fleshy nose, also known as the Bumpy nose, is the most common nose type in the world. It’s characterized by its large protruding shape and fatty portions that form bumps down the bridge. Individuals with Fleshes noses are often witty, clever, cautious, and fast thinkers.

Crooked Nose

The Crooked nose is characterized by a bent bridge, an uneven tip, and smaller flared nostrils. Contrary to its name, individuals with Crooked noses are often straightforward and simple thinks with generous personalities.

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